December, 2019

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Celigo Replacement with Dell Boomi

In mid 2017, Technix had a chance to connect with the distinguished team at our client based in the Bay Area, CA. The team was trying to solve a platform integration problem. The story showcases how Dell Boomi integration platform and Technix’s implementation solution and service allowed the company to re-think its data and business operation, as well as  IT implementation.

Our client’s team was trying to solve an integration between NetSuite (NS) and Salesforce (SFDC). At that time, the current legacy integration platform/tool used was Celigo and their IT team decided to use Dell Boomi as the standardized scalable integration solution. After trailblazing Boomi in their systems, they found it to be the integration tool of choice because of the better performance as an outcome of due diligence comparison. 

However, having experienced a shortage of resources and support for meeting sunset date set for Celigo, our client’s team desired a trustworthy implementation team to help smooth transition from Celigo to Boomi. High quality and on-time deliverables were the most critical considerations to them, in addition to a mature team with consultants who could handle ambiguity and communicate clearly. Time was of the essence and they shortlisted a mature and excellent consulting partner in Technix LLC,  Our client was convinced that the right team was chosen for them when our Subject matter experts (SMEs) successfully understood their system and business context and proposed multiple solution plans in the initial meetings. 

With the Technix team, the client chose the hybrid model with an onsite project manager and offsite development team. This worked well for them since it gave them cost efficiency. The Technix team helped them defining over 20 business processes to be developed, and clarified by always asking the right questions to knowledgeable business process owners. With clear documentation and mappings as required, Technix’s team implemented it. All processes were defined in order of implementation in line with inter-dependencies. With ongoing weekly (or daily, as required) project meetings, Technix tracked progress timely and kept the whole implementation transparent so that the team was well informed of risks to timelines, etc. The open and clear communication facilitated the proactive and timely decisions making along with the whole project. 

The project was slated in four phases of deployment as 20 linearly dependent processes were divided evenly. The first phase of the project was bumpy where many JIRA bugs were filed to mitigate process implementation and business systems issues. Technix’s team approach to fast resolution was to dynamically add another level of quality control in process design approval. The client team was requested to provide more realistic data for Unit testing before the process was released for UAT. And, before releasing the process to UAT, Technix team tested with realtime in Sandbox and demonstrated live to the client team. With the new testing implementation, Technix team also absorbed the client’s internal design adjustments with minimal delays and delivered the final high-quality version with minimal impact on timelines.

The client was happy with the overall outcomes and implementation as they met the sunset date for the legacy Celigo system.  This is what Technix team takes pride in – excellent customer experience with high quality, on-time deliverables. 

Project Delivery Model and implementation methodology:  Boomi integration development, documentation, testing and debugging, other services as directed by the customer. Development services provided primarily offshore and project management on-shore. Agile methodology was used for project management.

  • Setup: Folders, environments and connectors, Project Scope and Planning
  • Architecture: Business Process analysis and design, Build out integrations
  • Testing: System testing, User Acceptance testing and updates
  • Deployment: Migration/conversion, Production Development
  • Documentation: Business Requirement document/Design document, Boomi Processes and documentation, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) document, Tech transfer, documentation, and support
  • Post Production Support: JIRA ticketing system used to document and track issues 

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